About Us

Sisters first, Business partners second. Drika Simmons and Quanny Simmons, owners of The Pink Hair Box, were raised in the south, within the state of Georgia. Through the values instilled in them they hold themselves with the highest morality. The Pink Hair Box was founded in March 2018 around an abundance of morals Drika and Quanny were raised in the upbringing. Have courage, always tell the truth, treat others as you want to be treated, do not judge, and be dependable, and one of the most enduring, keep promises, is the foundation of The Pink Hair Box. These morals will be reflected in every transaction with each customer, that’s a promise!

The journey to find the best virgin hair, that’s also affordable to customers, has not been easy. In order to rule out lower quality hair and products the Simmons’ sisters spent countless hours finding and personally testing products so that they can maintain their foundation of morals. The Pink Hair Box virgin hair and products are sourced from professional high-quality human hair suppliers in China that have been in the hair industry for nearly 20 years.

“We look forward to being your Loyal, Affordable, and Quality hair and products supplier. Don’t forget that we also have a wide variety of Pink Gadgets that you won’t regret investing in.”